Mitch Fleming

Mitch Fleming

Founder & Lead Creative

Mitch has been a photographer and videographer since 2009

About Mitch Fleming

Mitch got into photography just out of high school in 2007. His first camera was a Nikon D3000 and he was hooked immediately. His interest started by photographing landscape scenes and nature but he quickly found he had a passion for photographing people. Specifically candids and action shots of his friends either somewhere on vacation, or during an event.

Capturing moments spoke loudly and eventually he was asked to photograph a wedding with a fellow photographer in his area. His first wedding second shooting was quickly followed up with a full season of second shooting. This lead to him promoting his wedding photography images and in 2011 he had a full calendar of his own weddings to photograph. Most of his clients were friends from school and guests at the events he was photographing. in 2013 he would leave his full-time job and pursue photography full-time.

While photographing weddings, Mitch kept a steady list of commercial clients he would work with either ad-hoc or on a monthly basis. After some time of photographing weddings and commercial work he would decide to separate the brands into two companies and that's how Visual Creative Co would be formed.

The two companies would run side-by-side until early 2021 when the decision was made to focus on commercial work and in 2024 wedding events would be saved for only friends or family. This decision would allow Visual Creative Co to grow into what it has today.

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