Mar 25, 2021

Why you need to start using Asana

Here's why you need to start using Asana today.

Visual Creative Co. Team

It’s been about 18 months since we incorporated Asana into our production workflow. This project management tool has allowed us to completely rework our current production and team task management workflow.

Here’s just a few reasons why we're so happy to be using Asana:


This seems obvious -- I know. However, prior to using this software a lot of the tasks we needed to complete, or start working on were all over the place. Sticky notes, on top of sticky notes, layered around more sticky notes. This was life and we knew we needed to stop and look into a solution or system. Asana was a perfect solution to that problem. All of our tasks are kept in a nice and clean area where you can see everything due today, upcoming, or due later. We’re checking boxes daily and keeping our desks clean at the same time. 


Before Asana, when managing a project with other team members, it was sometimes difficult to remember how we needed to action the team for their required tasks. Some tasks could be started right away, other tasks had dependencies that needed to be completed beforehand so team members would have tasks with upcoming due dates… but no start dates. It wasn’t working. Asana fixed this issue immediately. We’re now able to create full project boards so team members can see the tasks we need to complete, see what tasks have dependencies, and if needed, comment right inside of a task if we need to start a discussion. We’re also able to create and assign tasks to team members and know they’ll see them in Asana and get an email about the new task.

Team Member Tasks
PRO TIP: We created an integration between Asana and Slack so when a team member assigns a new task to someone, they’ll get a slack notification also. 


For me, I like to utilize a mixture of calendar blocking and a tasks list to help me stay on track and focus on what I need done for the day. Asana has a feature I didn’t think I needed until I started to use it. Every morning at 4am I’m emailed my daily tasks list. That includes all tasks due today that are mine, as well as tasks that team members have due today that I’ve assigned to them. This quick morning email helps me jump into Google Calendar and schedule any blocks that I’ll need to complete my tasks for the day.

Daily Email Reminder

In short, if you’re writing “Look into Asana” right now on a sticky note. Don't. Just start using it.

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