Jan 20, 2022

Learn how Endeavor Fitness Club is maximizing reach

Learn how Endeavor Fitness is maximize their reach by creating multiple videos that share a similar message but are created specifically for certain actions.

Endeavor Fitness Club - Howell, MI

Company Insight

Endeavor Fitness Club is a true 24/7 fitness facility located in Howell, MI. They offer many services with multiple amenities that include person training, group training, nutritional guidance, as well as virtual fitness classes and training.


Matt, the owner of Endeavor Fitness Club reached out to us and let us know they had outgrown their current space and that he was moving his club and wanted to create a video sharing with his current members, and new potential members what the new club looked like after the reopening. 

We knew that we wanted to show off everything that was new with the space, but also show that current members would feel right at home in the new space with their favorite workout options still being available in the newer, larger space.


After talking with Matt and learning more, we thought it would be best to create two different pieces of video content that individually would accomplish that goal, but paired together would help attract new members and show off all of the latest updates.

The first video we created was a fast paced, quick piece of video content that would help attract interested audience members on social media and hopefully motivate them to click onto a call to action so they could learn more about the club and the new updates.

The second video would be hosted on the clickable landing page to provide even more insight about the updates and changes inside of the club after the move. This video would be a bit slower paced and share with the viewers even more information about the changes.

What I would challenge you to think about before posting your media content is to consider how you audience is viewing your content, and what are they doing when they're viewing your content. If you're trying to connect with someone as they scroll through Facebook or Instagram think about what king of content will cause them to stop and watch your post. Additionally, if you have a user on your website, they're probably going to be more likely to watch a longer video so feel free to slow the video down, include more information and answer some questions before they're asked.

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