Apr 15, 2021

How we can help improve your photo content

Learn how we're helping local businesses save time and create interesting photo content.

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How we help

One quick way to stop and engage with your audience is to create striking photo content so they stop and check out your post.

The goal is to “control the scroll”.

It’s often when we start working with a new client we consistently learn that they feel like their current content doesn’t stand out enough, or gets lost in all of the noise. The content they’re trying to create on their own could be team member portraits, product photos or even location photos but they’re often taken on a cell phone. Now you can definitely take some creative photos on a cell phone, but if you’re just taking a snapshot, it’s typically just going to look like a snapshot.

Example Gym Content (LyonHeart Fitness - South Lyon, MI)

How we help is by offering creative photo content services that allow us to come in and photograph your content for you. We have a ton of different equipment and tools that we use to be able to take creative, engaging, and unique images to help your content stand out from others. Additionally, there’s a number of benefits when delegating this to our team -- but one benefit most clients don’t think about right away is the amount of time you’d save from not creating the content yourself.

Example Location Content (Weiss Properties - Royal Oak, MI)
Client Interaction Example (Endeavor Fitness - Howell, MI)
Office / Services Content (Intuitive Technologies)
Service Content (TRVFIT Fitness Studio - Howell)
Lifestyle Portraits (Kortny Gartley Hair - AlainaRoe Salon)
Lifestyle Portrait (NorthStar Mat Service)
Product Photo (PROLIGHTING)
Product Photo (McBain Furniture)
View more example work

Our process begins with an initial consultation or discovery process that allows us to learn about your goals, what’s next for your company, and what you feel needs to happen for this process to be a success. We then work together by creating a content map which outlines what we’re going to start photographing and how we want the posts to look. This helps us create the path we need to be on so we can reach your goals and next milestones.

If you’re interested in learning more about this service, or any other services we proved, feel free to connect with us so we can schedule a free consultation with a team member.

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