Aug 27, 2021

How Accelo Changed Our Business

Learn how Accelo changed our business completely.

Visual Creative Co.

Accelo - A system to boost productivity and profitability across your service business.

Most of our workflow required us to be using multiple tools to manage our day-to-day tasks and operations. Some of those tools were able to (sort of) speak to each other -- while most had zero integration options at all. What this created was a number of redundant tasks such as creating multiple jobs in different systems that required you to update them both individually with the same updates. Since switching our systems over to Accelo we’ve managed to streamline all of our business processes and save a ton of time by having everything in one place.

Time Tracking

Accelo Time Log Feature

Previously, we spent a lot of time creating jobs in our billing system, then creating them again in our task management system, and lastly in our time tracking system. Accelo allows us to track time on tasks, meetings, client contacts, and briefs all in the same place. 

You’re then able to bill that time directly towards a job or project so we know our team is tracking all their time correctly, and we’re able to know exactly how much time we’re spending in certain areas


Accelo Integrations

Accelo offers a long list of available integrations. A few of our favorites so far are the Google email and calendar integrations, as well as the Quickbooks Online integration. 

Using the Google integration we can send and receive emails to our inboxes and have the message land in our Accelo account. This helps us keep track of who sent what emails, and what clients have responded. This saves us a ton of time since we can click in the “stream” module and see exactly who is doing what, and who has replied to messages. This keeps us on track and allows us to focus on the work we do best.

The integration with Quickbooks Online has been super helpful now that we can have invoices created in Accelo and pushed over to Quickbooks Online automatically without us needing to do anything. It will even post paid invoice information once a payment has been made on an invoice.

Retainer Management

Accelo Retainer Management

Our agency provides a number of different options for our clients but one we always struggled to set up efficiently was retainer management options. Using Accelo’s retainer management system we can now provide a great service without having to worry about where we’re at with clients and what we have left to provide them.

You’re able to create a monthly retainer and then set it up so any job or project will be billed directly from that retainer. Hours are tracked and reports can be generated every week to know how much time is remaining, or how much time we’re over with each client. 

Since starting out with Accelo we saw immediate results and was really surprised by other features we didn’t even know could be automated. It’s allowed us to be more efficient, provide better communication, and stay on top of what’s next now matter how big or small a project might be.

If you’re looking for a better solution to your business and you haven’t been able to find the right option. I would strongly suggest looking into Accelo and seeing if it’s right for your business.

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