Jul 5, 2021

7 Social media post ideas

Take a look at 7 post ideas for you to try so you can engage with your audience differently.

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7 Social media post ideas

Are you stuck trying to figure out what to post week after week? Or maybe you’re just looking for some new ideas to try. Take a look at 7 new post ideas for you to try so you can engage with your audience differently.

#1 -  Create a Product Review Video

As a business, you’re using a number of different products that help move your business forward. You might be using specific products people would like to learn more about -- if they’re effective, and how they helped your workflow / processes. Create a product video that highlights a product or software you couldn’t live without. Another thing to consider — a lot of software includes updates or adds new features that would allow you to recreate these videos every 6 months or so.

#2 - Post Behind the Scenes Content (Photo or Video)

If you’re working with clients on-site or on location, ask if you can shoot a quick photo or video (only if you have permission) sharing a peek into what you’re working on so you can post it onto social media. You might find your audience is really interested in seeing what goes on behind the scenes.

#3 - Post a Client Highlight / Spotlight (if they’re a business)

Do you get to work with businesses that do really amazing things? Make a post sharing with your audience how great they are! Your audience might be able to use their services and your clients are really going to like being spotlighted! Who doesn’t like a great shoutout?!

#4 - Post a Team Member Highlight / Spotlight

The same reason you should talk about the awesome clients you work with -- you should talk about the great people on your team! Team member appreciation is a great way for your audience or followers to learn more about your team and to make sure your team knows how valuable they are.

#5 - Post a Useful Tip

You’re an expert in your field -- and the best way to get someone to want to work with you, is by being super helpful. Shoot a quick video sharing a tip your potential clients could use and see if you get any messages from people saying the tip really helped.

#6 - Post a Client Testimonial Video

This could be done pretty quickly and all you’ll need to do is ask a previous client to film a quick testimonial of their experience on their phone. Try asking them 2-3 questions that they can record and send over to you once completed. Then you just put everything together and your post is ready. 

Tip: Make sure the phone orientation is what you need it to be before they start filming.

#7 - Weekend Plans

Something different to try as a way of engaging with your audience. Ask what they’re doing over the weekend, or share what you and your team are doing over the weekend. 

Now the goal for these posts are for you to be able to engage with your audience differently. Maybe all 7 of these worked great … or, maybe 1 or 2 did. That’s fine! The idea is to keep trying things differently and seeing what works best.

If you’re thinking about giving these a try and you need help shooting them we would be happy to help. Give us a call or shoot us a message so we can connect.

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