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The Details

If you want your brand to stand out and be memorable, posting high quality creative photo content is going to allow for greater success. Photography can keep an audience engaged with interesting things like products or team member portraits that show off their favorite parts about working at your company!

Social Media

Posting high quality photo content on all of your social profiles is going to help you stand out and paint a clearer picture of your products and services.


Your website is typically one of the first places clients learn about you. Fill it with great images that showcases who your are, and how you can help them.


Whether it's for online ads, brochures, or other marketing materials you need images for, make sure they look their best.

Time Saving

The best place you can be is in the driver seat of your business. Let us focus on the photography for your business.
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Creative Photogaphy


Every creative photography project comes with unique goals and challenges. Some projects require more time and attention in these steps, other projects might move quickly through these steps. Every project is different, however, our process remains the same for every one.

The first step when starting your creative photography project is to connect with us.

Each creative photography project has unique goals and challenges we'll need to learn about in order to know how to serve you best. What are you looking for? Where are these images going to be posted? How do you determine this project as a success after it's completed? These are some of the questions we'll like to go over with you when getting started.

The second step is always going to be pre-production planning and development.

When it comes to creative photography, pre-production planning is probably one of the most important steps. This process allows us take all of the details you've provided and put them into a clear scope for the creative project. This scope will clearly identify what we need to do, what we'll need from you, as well as what the deliverables are to make sure the project is successful.

The third step is the creative production.

At this point everything we'll need has been identified. The project has been broken up into milestones and the schedule has been confirmed. In most cases this is a "hands off" process for you. Since our team will be handling the production the next step for you is receiving your images.

Creative Photogaphy

The Work

Take a look at a gallery of some of the recent images we've created.

RAD Bicycle CO - Visual Creative Co
RAD Bicycle CO - Visual Creative Co
RAD Bicycle CO - Visual Creative Co
RAD Bicycle CO - Visual Creative Co
RAD Bicycle CO - Visual Creative Co
Commercial Photography - - Visual Creative Co
RAD Bicycle CO - Visual Creative Co
ABB Robot - Visual Creative Co
Universal Robot - Visual Creative Co
PROLIGHTING - UFO - Visual Creative Co
Endeavor Fitness - Visual Creative Co
Fitness Portrait - TRVFIT - Visual Creative Co
Banfield Law - Visual Creative Co
Portrait - Northstar Mat Services - Visual Creative Co
Oliver Hatcher Construction - Visual Creative Co
Lyon Heart Fitness Workout - Visual Creative Co
Portrait - PROLIGHTING - Visual Creative Co
TRVFIT South Lyon - Visual Creative Co
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